May, a month of Madness

I admit it, I have been ignoring my blog but there have been reasons. My involvement with the Mountain Rescue has intensified of late and I have been out a great deal. I’ve also been sorting out my second in departments departure and finding a replacement, that done I can talk about mountains and things outdoors again.

I’m starting with a list as this is the easiest way to quantify the activity and hope to add a commentary and photos.

April 13th Explored Green How from Brackenclose by climbing Hollow Gill, contouring around at 400m to Hardrigg Gill before exploring Burnmoor Tarn, and returning via Maiden Castle.

April 16th A lovely round of Devoke water ticking three Birketts and exploring some of the settlements – Rough Crag, Water Crag and Seat How.

April 21st Working with search dogs on Buckbarrow

April 22nd Crag Practice at Stanley Ghyll

April 25th A double Wainwright evening with a drive inbetween. The weather was wet and blowy but we got a view from both Dodd and Binsey and saw no other walkers.

April 28th Lords Rake and West Wall traverse to Foxes Tarn and then East Buttress to Rakes Pogress. Most of this was with Nick who I bumped into on the Rake and who told me fantastic stories of the rescues he had been involved with.

May 6th Took back the casualty bag and crag set to the Mickledore box on Scafell. Great to be walking up on my own with a big sack and doing some good. Came off over the top and dropped over Pikes Crag.

May 9th A grotty evening, wet and cool but an excellent learning experience with Nick exploring the right bank of Piers Gill for access and egress points. Crossing Straight Gill at the cairn reminded me of a ‘She’ black and white film. We then returned along the corridor route and zig zags once we had explored the bad step.

May 16th Climbing with Lauren at Hare Crag

May 19th Ascent towards Scafell with Nick climbing between Hollow Gill and Groove Gill and finding the Victorian path towards the top. After some agonising decision making [desperate to carry on for the day] I decided to turn around as I was feeling giddy and the beginning of a bug were evident. We explored Rakehead Scree on the way down, fantastic condition – at the moment and a possible new BG descent.

So I’ve been busy and carrying a bigger pack again and very happy with my exploration of new areas. I still feel that we will get more done in the Northern Fells as Bob is working in Carlisle and the Wainwights will creep above 100. In the meantime I am getting to know my patch intimately.


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