Around Sherborne … a new project.

I have been wandering with Tiffin since our arrival last August, almost twenty months now.  I try to go somewhere different each time we venture out, usually 3 to 4 kilometres and mostly on public footpaths.  

I like a route with some ups and downs, a variety of landscapes and some interest.  I’ve collected over 16 routes now, some better than others and so my mind is turning to putting them together.  I’m not quite sure what form they will eventually appear in but after the canyon guide I wanted something different …

Possibly; black and white mapping, A4 format, 16 walks and a coloured cover.  And all within 6 kilometres of Sherborne.

The Deverills, north of the A303.

After a week of getting ready for a triathlon that never happened (too expensive) I was still in run, bike mode this morning.  I had arranged to mountain bike pm, this time heading towards Salisbury plain.  My early morning run didn’t help my legs later.

Jacob arranged the route, an anti-clockwise 14 km circuit from opposite Stourhead.  We turned off at the Red Lion, gained some height before spotting our first corn circle of the year.

Climbing onto the chalk ridges was tiresome but at least paved and the track up from White Sheet Lane a warming start.  We were heading to the Deverills but the most surprising find was an airfield perched atop the ridge.  Dropping into Kingston there had been some realignment of the bridleway but a traditional village pond made up for our quickly forgotten confusion.

We tracked west on Tarmac again dropping back onto bridleway by the dairy farm.  This second part was less enjoyable, the nettles were high, gates poorly maintained and sign warned of cows and calves and bulls.  We escaped onto the road once we were back at the byway.

On the way home we visited Alfred’s tower and the Nog Inn in Wincanton finishing in traditional style.

Into Scotland

After a seamless journey with stops at Westmorland and Loch Lomond for bait we arrived at about five in Fort William.  The boxes of dried provisions were unloaded and whilst some made brews other shopped or built packed lunches.  After some down time to repack our sacks we then briefed the students on route, issued some kit and ate a fantastic meal.

The plan tomorrow is to ascend from the North Face car park and then  onto Carn Beagh Deargh.  Lots of options are available …

And so the long journey north commences; across the ridge to Bridgewater and then up and over the Avon.  A quick stop at Gloucester services for some farm food and thence to the accidents of the city.  The motorway to Telford was quieter before descending into Ironbridge Gorge and our first overnight stop.

Some Links …

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Hashtag #3Pthw 3 peaks; the hard way.

Just given?


Getting everything in order

Yesterday evening my mind turned to packing for our epic journey.  We have moved recently and so all of my pre packed bags had been tidied away leaving a clean slate. 

My man cave now has a work surface, separate places for boots, and rucksacks and all of the smaller kit is in compartments.  This meant that I was able to lay out each of the items checking them off and carefully thinking though their use and weights.

Apart from the essential waterproofs I also needed warm kit as the Ben is likely to still be cold.  My first aid kit has recently been up dated to ensue all items are in date and my 4-6 person shelter was checked.  

We are staying in hostels which negates the need for sleeping bags but I have sorted more tech than usual both as a GPS back up and the sat nav to get us between mountains they way we wish.

A slight change of act over the next few days as we begin the build to 3 peaks the hard way.  I will be blogging our journey live and adding images to Twitter – search for ollismark or Sherbornegeogaphy.  The ethos of this adventure is to top the three highest peaks in S, E & W, whilst adding in an alternative challenge on each occasion.  AMD arête, Broad crag and Ill crag and then the Clogwyn ridge onto Snowdon.  To keep the travel green we will by twilight driving and using local services in three locations.  With the additional challenges this will become 3peaks the Hard Way; no tourist tracks for us!